Tshidi Green

Tshidi Green | Miss MS Finalist Western Cape 2016


Impact of Miss MS:

On a personal level my involvement in Miss MS has really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge  myself to not be complacent in mediocrity. What i value most is that it made me realize that opportunities come to those who go out and grab them and that they will pass you if you sleep on yourself. Seeing my fellow finalists prosper in their respective areas serves as a constant reminder that there is greatness in all of us and that it is our duty to go out and fulfill our purpose.

Where am I now:

Since the Miss MS competition I have applied to redo my final year in an attempt to improve my results so as to qualify for greater post graduate opportunities and am currently working towards my graduation in December.  Apart from my studies and working on my next big career move,   I have also made the concerted effort to avail myself to the Mamelodi Sundowns brances within my province so as to connect with the people who share the passion for our team and keep the Masandawana spirit alive.

Why you should enter Miss MS:

Miss MS will not only bring you closer to a network of people who are passionate about the team, it’s people and the broader community, but it will always grant you access to a platform which could drastically enhance your future career endeavours. Though the platform may be provided the magnitude of the impact of the Miss MS title on your life is ultimately up to you. The organization and all the support that accompanies it is most beneficial to participates who actively seek to improve their own personal capacity and who are determined to utilise the platform optimally.

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