Tlakale Moroaswi

Tlakale Moroaswi | Miss MS Limpopo Princess 2016


Impact of Miss MS:

Being crowned Miss MS Limpopo Princess has helped me break out of my shell and live upto my full potential.  I used to have a lot of self doubt, I couldn’t speak in public. But things are different now, all thanks to MS.

Where am I now:

judged at a pageant and gave motivational speech in Limpopo, since then they’ve asked me to join their team as a mentor to  the girls that will be competing every year.

Why you should enter Miss MS:

Being an ambassador for a huge brand like MS will open a lot of doors you. And will also help you grow as a person.


Instagram : Nare Morasui (@Nariesuh)
Facebook: Nare Tlakale Morasui