Sikhonathi Tonisi

Sikhonathi Tonisi |  Miss Mamelodi Sundowns WC Princess 2016


Impact of Miss MS:

Miss MS made me gain my self confidence back, 2016 was my 3rd attempt entering and when I won that changed my whole view on hard work and perseverance. Now I’m more confident when a dream speaks to me even though I may get some NO’s, that makes me chase it even more.

Where am I now:

I’ve continued to work hand in hand with Lulutho Grooming School creating awareness on various issues that affect the youth of today by having what we call Rehabilitation Camps throughout the year.

Why you should enter Miss MS:

If you are looking to be empowered and be around women with a purpose then Miss Mamelodi Sundowns is the perfect place for you. Your womanhood, ambition and intellectual capacity is embraced.

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Facebook: Sikhonathi Sikho Tonisi